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Hey there, my name is Christopher Rudder, a stopover and layover expert who writes high-quality, search engine optimized travel articles from itineraries and destination-specific to product reviews for online publications and blogs including my own.

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With everyone turning to video platforms like YouTube, I am a skilled videographer and editor that can bring destinations, services, food and products to life. Since a picture says a thousand words, as a talented photographer I can assure you your brand will have a captivating story.
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As podcasts grow in popularity, nothing is more personal and intimate than being in the ear of your potential client. I produce and host bi-weekly episodes for my podcast called Travel Horror Stories. The podcast features captivating stories from travel content creators in the industry and discussions on how to travel safely and confidently.
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Lastly, I’m a huge fan of helping other content creators and thus I am the co-founder of a large Facebook group Toronto Blogger Collective. In addition, I am the co-owner and an instructor with The Blogger Collective Membership
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From the time I was a child, I’ve always been a people person, it’s always been easy for me to engage in conversation with an individual or an audience.

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Things To Do In Port Perry Ont..

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1 Video: Rudderless TRVL,
1 Article: Rudderless TRVL
Photography: Rudderless TRVL & Central Counties Tourism & Destination Ontario
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Québec City Tourism

Quebec City Weekend Getaway

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3 Videos: Rudderless TRVL
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Content Produced:

1 Videos: Rudderless TRVL
1 Article: Rudderless TRVL
Photography: Rudderless TRVL & Le Germain
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A huge thank you for the good words, Rudderless.Travel! Looking forward to welcoming you back.
It expresses the beauties of our charming city.
Enjoy reading!



Content Produced:

1 Videos: Rudderless TRVL
1 Article: Rudderless TRVL
Social: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

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Standard Luggage

I’ve owned several bags and backpacks over the years in an attempt to find the perfect bag that allows me to carry everything I need without feeling like I’m carrying everything I own. The Standard Luggage Carry-on BackPack is my favourite bag for short trips while the Standard Luggage Daily BackPack is my favourite bag for all my camera gear. 


carry on backpack
Hey Christopher,
The post is fantastic, so thorough and you really highlighted all the key uses of backpack and travel system as a whole. I’m very game for sending you the Daily Backpack to check out as well!
Ryan Chong

CEO, Standard Luggage

carry on backpack


I was first introduced to prAna at a travel conference in the Finger Lakes. What the representative taught me about the harmful effects that making clothing does to the environment I was shocked. The way that prAna cares about the environment and produces its clothing in a sustainable fashion I knew I wanted to work with them.


I partnered with GPSmyCity to run a campaign that includes a Sponsered Post featured in my Travel Apps & Gear section -which also includes an embedded YouTube video tutorial and a free download Giveaway. The Sponsored Post is also shared amongst our large FaceBook Travel Groups and our Social Media Network.

Btw, thanks a bunch (!) for that GPSmyCity video tutorial you’ve created!!! – Smooth delivery!! – Truly appreciated
Saul Tarasoff

Affiliate and Marketing Manager, GPSmyCity


If you’re a travel app developer then you partner with a travel blogger. On a recent trip out to NYC, I partnered with As You Stay to run a campaign that includes a Sponsered Post featured in our Travel Apps & Gear section which includes an embedded YouTube video tutorial and a discount code. The Sponsored Post is also shared amongst our large FaceBook Travel Groups and our Social Media Network.

Chris the video is just awesome. Your videos are just amazing. Well Done. Thanks again for your great work. Love it!

Ofer Helfman

CEO, As You Stay

Sygic Travel

I partnered with Sygic Travel and fellow travel blogger The Thought Card to run a campaign which includes a Sponsered Post featured in my Travel Apps & Gear section which includes an embedded YouTube video tutorial and a Premium Account Giveaway. The Sponsored Post is also shared amongst our large FaceBook Travel Groups and our Social Media Network.

Thanks a lot for such a great article. Please get in touch with me when you need us to award the Premium Accounts

Barbora Nevosadova

Co-founder, Sygic Travel


While Airwander finds you ways to save money by adding additional cities to your stopover itinerary. Rudderless Travel creates the itineraries to help you explore cities during a stopover. All of a sudden forgetting about that direct flight and explore stopover options is not such a bad idea.

Thanks so much, Chris for creating the blog posts and video!
We really appreciate the time and effort you have put into it 🤗
Ela Bader

Founder, AirWander

Video Projects

Urban Expeditions

Urban Expeditions is the perfect brand for Rudderless and the In My Own Backyard web series to align with. We are both about exploring cities whether locally or abroad.

Saw the new vid. Bang on! Good work…I’ve approved the vid to be posted to the UE Facebook.

Peter Odle

Founder, Urban Expeditions

The Cap Guys

When the co-owner of The Cap Guys older brother (me) is a photographer, videographer and video editor with a travel blog that features local and global video episodes…they started with who they trust. But it’s not just about family. For The Cap Guys, it’s about feeling confident in knowing that the person they hire not just understands but believes in The Cap Guys brand.
The relationship between Rudderless and The Cap Guys Is a beautiful ongoing partnership. Together we have plenty of projects coming down the pipe but here’s what we worked on lately:

Christopher is an amazing video editor! He took still images of our hats, mixed it with live video, animation and text and brought out products to life! The videos helped to drive traffic to our website and convert to sales. Christopher will definitely be doing more of our videos in the future!”

Mark Anthony Rudder

Co-Owner, The Cap Guys

Hotstepper Sundays at Cube

The Hot Stepper Sundays party is such a great vibe that everyone from patrons to staff are in such a great mood which makes for a lot of fun filming. The sooner we can get our work done the sooner we can start getting down to the great music!

This was well done…Nice shots..Clean Edits

Carlos & Pedro

Club Promoters, Hot Stepper Productions

OMG Baked Goodness

We started by taking some hi-res pictures of OMG’s best selling products, their homemade pop tarts, cupcakes and focaccia bread. The hardest part of this product shot was trying to ignore the fresh smell of baked goods and avoiding the temptation to nibble. These photos will be used for OMG’s & Rudderless’/In My Own Backyard’s various social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter). In addition, from our accounts we retweeted, liked, reposted and commented on OMG’s posts and tweets to build engagement.

Those are super fun videos, Chris! Great Job! Super Dooper Awesome! Thanks for everything, it was really fun. Can’t wait to work again with you

Lesley Mattina

Owner, OMG Baked Goodness

Amsterdam BrewHouse

The harbourfront boasts free concerts that feature a variety of multi-cultural music, festivals, markets, art and events during the summer months and with the recent updates to the infrastructure to incorporate pedestrians, bikes, streetcars and cars the Queens Quay is looking quite beautiful. A little chaotic and confusing at times with the different modes of transportation being so close to each other but beautiful none-the-less.

Taking long walks up and down the boardwalk will definitely get you hungry and if you’re like me, summer + beer = patio

Thank you for the awesome coverage, photos and video at The BrewHouse.
I will post up on our social networks and share your great experience

Heather Mundle

Marketing, Amsterdam Brewery

Lisbon By Night Restaurant

The focus was to capture some hi-res images of Lisbon By Night Restaurants two distinct features that set them apart from other restaurants in the neighbourhood for their social media network. The first is their authentic Portuguese dishes, especially the seafood and the second is the cultural Portuguese fado music performances held at the restaurant.


Adelia Mejdoubi

Owner | Manager, Lisbon By Night Restaurant


Travel Horror Stories Podcast


We love working with people. Rudderless Travel is a Canadian based, travel blog for the young, young at heart, fun, practical and outgoing traveller/couple. We are quickly becoming a trusted resource for travel tips and destination guides. Using our videography, video editing and photography skills as well as our love of technology we offer our readers Short Trip & Mini-Break Itineraries for Weekend Travel, Business Travel, Stopover, Layovers and the best advice on quick trips and layover ideas/options.


Sponsored Posts | Product & App Reviews

Customized Search Engine Optimized posts and/or review posts with a video centred around a particular Destination, Product, Clothing, Food & Drink, Accommodation, Tour & Event or App. All travel app, gear or clothing reviews also get featured in on the Travel Apps & Travel Gear section of this travel blog.


Freelance Writing

Original Search Engine Optimized posts, articles and/or reviews around a particular Destination, Product, Clothing, Food & Drink, Accommodation, Tour & Event or App for online and print publications.

Photography Services

Content Creation, High Resolution Stills: Aerial, Products, Clothing, Food & Drink, Accommodations, Tours & Events.

Video Services

Content Creation, Filming/Editing, Company Features & Interviews. High Definition Footage: Aerial, Products, Clothing, Food & Drink, Accommodations, Tours & Events.


Ad space (On the website), Product Placement (In Series Episodes), Links/Images (In Newsletter)

Narration | Voiceovers

Professional voice over / narration for products, ads, commercials, instructional, YouTube etc…

Brand Ambassadorships

Exclusive representation of your brand and/or product.

Press Trips

Exclusive coverage including social media, photography, videography and/or written posts.

Contest/Giveaway Collaborations

Exclusive product promotion and giveaways for our readers and viewers.

Affiliate Partnerships & Links

Brand specific and exclusive promotion across entire site. Links to Product, Clothing, Food & Drink, Accommodation, Tour & Event or App in blog posts

Social Media Campaigns & Takeovers

Exclusive brand promotion and/or awareness via our social media network or yours.

Why I Do This?

I can talk travel all day, every day.

I have so many stories and experiences that whether professionally or personally, purposely or unintentionally, I’ve become the person people seek out when the travel bug bites. Planning trips can be overwhelming and I love taking that stress away by focusing on actionable itineraries which highlight captivating travel destinations, on and off the beaten path with lots of adventure, stories, culture, food and of course beer.

At the end of the day, I’m a passionate storyteller that can transcend many media platforms, whether it’s finding your product’s voice through photography, shooting and editing a video to capture the energy of your event, narrating or producing high-quality, well-researched travel articles.


Engage your audience with fresh content that tells a compelling story and reflects your brand’s values. I work with travel brands, media brands, tourism boards, bloggers, podcasters, apps, startups, influencer networks, small businesses and more.

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